A Figment of My Imagination

I apologize right here. Right now. For this horrid pun of a title.

But it has happened, and we are going with it.

Wow, first post back, and it’s also starting off with an apology – hmmm, deja vu to my last post’s introduction?

Now, hello. Hi. It’s been a while! About three years… And a lot has happened since, for both you, and me – I’m sure! The topic of this post, however, is about writing sites! Because, hey, why not?

In writing this post, I went back and read some of my old posts about writing communities – more specifically, about Figment.com. If you didn’t know, Figment was a writing site that allowed writers to post their works and meet with other writers online. If you are curious to know what it was like in the “good ole days” of Figment.com, go check out my old post from ye olde archives.

Now, let me be the bearer of some bad news. If you were on Figment, you probably already know this because this did happen back in 2018. However, we have a flare for the dramatics here, soooo…

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Post Full of Apologies (and Possible Wisdom?)

Hello family and friends! And blank blog post that will soon be filled with words and wonderfully placed gifs (if I do say so myself).
I come bearing my most sincerest apology. I have forsaken and abandoned you in your time of need because, like many, I am a selfish individual. I have focused my life too entirely in myself and education. Alas, my last post was in January of this year, and now it is currently the end of May (or start of June – if I put off finishing this post any longer – Bad, Rae).
But, my faithful comrades, I can finally say that I am no longer a college student.

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Merry Finals Time-of-the-Year!

Greetings world!


I apologize for not posting a Thanksgiving related post. No, it wasn’t because I feel like Thanksgiving isn’t as important – because that’s not true. Thanksgiving week is literally the week in the year that keeps me (aka college student) sane before the end of the semester.


Also pie, family, and stuffing – I guess.


What is/was your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Or Fall? Now that it’s Winter 🙂

Now that it is officially December and your car radios only play Christmas music, welcome. Welcome to this blog post.

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Happy Halloween! Here’s a Story.

Hello world!


I hope everyone is doing splendidly fantastic.

Song of the post: In Boxes by AURORA ❤

Because today is October 31st! The last day of October before it’s officially the month of November and then – for ALL YOU COLLEGE PEEPS OUT THERE SUFFERING LIKE ME *hysterical giggles and sobbing because papers are a thing and due soon* – less than two months left before this Fall semester is over.

(Or until your second quarter semester is over, if that’s how you roll.)


I’m so ready for Thanksgiving break.


It’s not that I’m skipping Halloween. I’m not. I’m going to watch a movie, stuff my face with candy, and do all that fun stuff. The reason I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving is because of the week long break I get. That’s right.

Halloween Day. Monday.

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Dear Killjoys – from a Dedicated TV Show Enthusiast?

Greetings world!

Rae here.


I mean, who else, right? Unless some alien has taken over my body and is pretending to be a twenty-something college student stressing about every aspect of the rest of their lives.

But what’s the fun in that? They might as well go take over someone else’s body. Like, Beyonce. She seems to be having a lot more fun.

I don’t know.


SPEAKING OF ALIENS and intergalactic space beings.

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My Daily “MUSIC IS LIFE” Post.

Hi everyone!

First of all, I would like to apologize. Mainly, to myself. It took me more than 2 weeks to actually finish writing this post. Not 2 weeks straight, but every so often I’d come and write a few lines or a paragraph, then be busy and have to go to class or then have to do something else.


So, without further ADO.

I love music.


It’s just a fact. Let’s be honest.

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Post About Summer? Or Another Excuse to Use Gifs? Hmm.



It feels like it’s been decades. Which, who knows, it could’ve been. In some other time dimension or world. WHO KNOWS.


Summer happened. It was a thing.

That happened.

How was it for you? Did you accomplish all that you wanted? (Whether it be, laying in bed and literally doing nothing besides being, or working, or schooling, etc.)

How are you?


I’m okay. I mean, school starts Monday, so I’m still in that weird universe where I think it’s summer but I’m back on campus and am wondering where the hell summer even went.


Like, hello, it just started?!?!


Okay. I’ve moved on. Accepted the fact I’m back at school.

Back to summery things.

I got a job. Yes.

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How My Best Friend Betrayed Me (Story Time)

As I recall my experience, I realize that I don’t like to appear stupid.

I mean, who does?

At least, I don’t think I’m stupid.

However, I’m going to share my slightly stupid moment because I do do stupid things sometimes and so does the rest of the world. Surprise! I do something that at the time seems totally fine. And then later on I’m like OH WELL that was (actually) kind of dumb. Nice going there.

This wasn’t too dumb of a moment. On my part.

More of a dumb event that could have been prevented if I wasn’t so damn friendly.

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Where Was I (in the month of March and April?!?)

Going back to look on my posts that are archived in the other months, I realize that I was able to post at least one post a month from November 2015 through February of 2016.

I originally began this blog in the fall of 2015 for a class about composing new media. Since the end of that class in December, I have made it a goal of mine to continue posting in this blog, no matter what.

However, in the months of March and April, I was at my busiest in a different way than most regular college students.

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