Taiwanese Car Wheel – Deliciousness, Taro, Creativity in Food

Hello again!

So. This post may seem completely random (which it very well could be since it doesn’t have much to do with writing), but it is something that I really want to share and to document so I remember this moment. And is blogging not partially for myself? I will strive to find a way to tie it in. You watch 🙂

What is this, you may ask? This is heaven.

Just kidding, it’s not.

It’s a Taiwanese Taro Car Wheel! *cheers*

Taro is pronounced = [Tah-row]

These. THESE are amazing. I remember having these when I was younger when we went out to the Asian shopping centers to go shopping.

There were several food places to eat at too (which is a-whole-nother story). I always called these desserts “those taro pancake things” and I never knew their official name.

It took me about 30 minutes, using the assistance of Google, to track them down. (No, I don’t mean “tarot”, yes I do mean “taro”. My search words varied greatly, but this was the winner “deep fried in waffle iron with taro filling at vendor”. A picture came up on the 7th line, 2nd scroll of the finger.)

Me: 1

Internet: 0

And now I’m wanting one so bad!

Me: 1

Internet: 1

They are usually outside, on the streets, being made at a vendor. And this is how I remember them being made (just minus the fancy batter machine pumping them out).

They can be made with red bean, custard, and other things inside. (The one I prefer, however, is taro which is the purple one.)

If I had three wishes, I’d wish for there to be one near Irvine, California or even better, at school.

And I’d wish that twice and then wish for my college tuition to be paid off by some magical source (money falling from the sky would do).


Because according to Google (seriously doubt the nearest one is in Taipei, Google, don’t mess with me), the nearest bakery location with these desserts is about 5 hours away and I don’t have a good enough friend who would be wiling to drive me there just to get a baked good from my childhood (I wouldn’t do that for a friend either). So if you are in Cupertino, go here because they are being made right outside that bakery. Right there.

Back to these wonderfully delicious things.

Now, I love taro. TARO TARO TARO. If you don’t know what Taro is, then…well I’m sorry.

Okay, it’s a root and basically looks like this:

Before it is made into some mouthwatering dishes and recipes of goodness. Not only can you make something sweet out of this, but you can also create something savory (there you go, creativity at its finest! In food!)

Examples here:

Taro, ladies and gentlemen. Some of the best pictures out there. I encourage you to look for more and best these. Taro can be made into anything it seems.

And this is the thing I want right now. The car wheel. Yes, indeed.

And now, here I am, bringing awareness to the creativity of food, starting with taro.

Me: 1

Internet: 10 (because now I can’t stop looking at pictures of taro)

Do you have any childhood favorite foods or snacks? Or an interesting recipe for a common or not so common ingredient?

Now, go forth with your lives. Fare thee well.



2 thoughts on “Taiwanese Car Wheel – Deliciousness, Taro, Creativity in Food

  1. Good collection of information and photos about this delicious taro snack. Makes me want one, too. Maybe I will hunt around for a place to get them in Southern California. There must be some place.

    Liked by 1 person

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