Happy Halloween! Here’s a Story.

Hello world!


I hope everyone is doing splendidly fantastic.

Song of the post: In Boxes by AURORA ❤

Because today is October 31st! The last day of October before it’s officially the month of November and then – for ALL YOU COLLEGE PEEPS OUT THERE SUFFERING LIKE ME *hysterical giggles and sobbing because papers are a thing and due soon* – less than two months left before this Fall semester is over.

(Or until your second quarter semester is over, if that’s how you roll.)


I’m so ready for Thanksgiving break.


It’s not that I’m skipping Halloween. I’m not. I’m going to watch a movie, stuff my face with candy, and do all that fun stuff. The reason I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving is because of the week long break I get. That’s right.

Halloween Day. Monday.


I’m fortunate enough to have a nice teacher who is going to let us out early so I’m done around 5pm or so tomorrow for Halloween. So my “break” is from 5pm until whatever reasonable time because then I have to get up at 7AM on Tuesday to start Hell – I mean classes – all over again.

And that is why I can’t wait until November.

Anyway, to hold you over until then, here’s a little thing I’ve been working on.

Feel free to share with friends and family and pets and demons alike. Oh! And follow! Hopefully someone out there will like it or find it interesting. A fun little blog for Halloween! 🙂

Hey, over here! Click on this picture to go to the story 🙂

It’s true I started this story I think last year? Then, this year. I made it happen. I rewrote things and posted it on a blog. I have a twitter account for it too so feel free to follow that if you do Twitter.

Enjoy your Halloween! Have a little fun.

What are you dressing up as? Are you going trick-or-treating? Any raging parties or chill nights? Let me know. Stay safe and sane out there.

Spreading the creativity!



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