Merry Finals Time-of-the-Year!

Greetings world!


I apologize for not posting a Thanksgiving related post. No, it wasn’t because I feel like Thanksgiving isn’t as important – because that’s not true. Thanksgiving week is literally the week in the year that keeps me (aka college student) sane before the end of the semester.


Also pie, family, and stuffing – I guess.


What is/was your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Or Fall? Now that it’s Winter πŸ™‚

Now that it is officially December and your car radios only play Christmas music, welcome. Welcome to this blog post.

I may be a little cynical as you read further, but I will sprinkle in spurts of Christmas/Winter joy when I can.


Cynical, you wonder? Well. I can assure you after finals week I will not be as cynical and be 100% back in the Christmas/Holiday spirit. One hundred percent there. SO READY.


But I have finals starting this week and going into next week before I’m officially done with this Fall semester of school on Dec. 16th.




Eh-hem. Excuse the outburst.

I mean two weeks of happiness and puppies.


It’s not that I don’t like my classes. I actually do. All of my teachers are actually great and I have no complaints. Senior year maybe has made me soft, or I have better teachers than I did sophomore/junior year.

I’m taking so many different types of classes though that sometimes the finals are hard to keep up with.

As you may know, I’m a music major. (Hello! If you’re new and have absolutely no idea who I am, go check out my introduction post. Mind you that post is about a year old and now I’m…a year older *surprise!* Or check out my about me!)


Since I am a music major, I am taking some music classes. Not nearly as many as Freshman through Junior year. I have most of my required classes done. In fact, I have so much of that done and finished that I had to find other classes to take to be a full-time student. Of course, I’m insane – or smart, depends on your POV – and decided to continuing taking the full course load of 18 credits. (Technically 18.5, but small details…)


Besides the obvious music classes, I’m taking a film class, an English (rhetoric) class, creative writing (for video games) class, and a (ballroom) dance class.

When I look at it now, without thinking about finals – and I’m sure when I look at it years later – I’m so grateful I can take these different classes that expand on my many (maaaany) various interests.

If you’re not in college yet and are planning to, I advise you to take different classes. You never know what you might end up doing. If you have a thousand and one interests, like I do, take them. Try your best to fit it into your schedule and do it.


To be honest, I had to be convinced by my parents – thanks , guys – that I should go try new things. That I should email the teachers outside of major and take their classes. That I should even try to get in to other major’s courses. If I hadn’t, I don’t think I’d have as satisfying of a final year as I have had.

Damn. Would you look at that? It looks like I was actually not as cynical as I thought I would be.



The cynicism lies in the finals. I guess it just brings it out in me. In the end, I really do appreciate this education and if you’re in college now and are trying to stick it out till the end of this month, good luck. Just remember why you’re in school in the first place – hopefully it’s a happy thing, and you can get through this.


Happy Finals Time! Go rock that test’s world. Go show that project who’s boss.

Because this is one hell of a pep talk for me, if I’ve ever heard one.




As always, spread that creativity!



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