Post Full of Apologies (and Possible Wisdom?)

Hello family and friends! And blank blog post that will soon be filled with words and wonderfully placed gifs (if I do say so myself).

I come bearing my most sincerest apology. I have forsaken and abandoned you in your time of need because, like many, I am a selfish individual. I have focused my life too entirely in myself and education. Alas, my last post was in January of this year, and now it is currently the end of May (or start of June – if I put off finishing this post any longer – Bad, Rae).

But, my faithful comrades, I can finally say that I am no longer a college student.


That’s right! I’m a graduate. I’m officially alum! Of the alum status.

Unfortunately, I didn’t dab at graduation…missed opportunity, I know.

Cheers all around.

I am now part of the working society that is under the constant pressure to make money and survive. 😀 *smiles wide, unblinking as tears stream down face* I also haven’t written (creatively) in far too long. That is the only explanation I have towards this MOST dramatic introduction that is mostly sarcasm induced ramblings of a writer.

So, fanfare, you may subside.


Let us continue with this post.

Now that I am wise, and oh-so-very-adult now (*guffaw*), I wanted to provide some of that wisdom to you. Wisdom that I have received over these last four years of my college experience.


I was [still weird to think was instead of is] a music major, focusing in piano and accompaniment/collaboration with other musicians and creative-minded individuals. I was also an English minor. In my time in school, I took many various classes and met a lot of different people.

[I have to admit, as I think I may have mentioned this before in another post of mine, I didn’t always take classes outside of my major (or minor) so willingly. Thankfully, in freshman and sophomore year, my parents encouraged me to take classes outside, and to broaden my horizons.]

At the end of senior year in college, I could successfully say that I think I made the most of my last year of college, and definitely enjoyed the past four years of it – even though, at the time I may have been suffering (the standard college student archetype: nosleep, morefood, blahblahhomeworksucks, ahhhhIneedmoremoneyhelp, sendpuppiesandhappythoughts).


The classes I was required to take consisted of: Music History courses, Diction for Singers (Eng/It, French, German), German language, Italian language, World Religions, Studio classes (piano), Small ensembles, Women’s Choir, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Human Nutrition, Music Theory, Aural Skills, Orchestration, Instrumental Conducting, Form and Analysis (Music), etc.

Live footage of me. Who knew?

(I apologize again, I don’t expect you to actually read this list, but I realized once I started, I couldn’t stop listing the courses as I started remembering!)


The extra classes I have taken were in: film editing, writing for video games, creative writing, journalism, layout and design, ballroom dance (both semesters), drawing and planning, Composing New Media (in which I started this blog in the first place!), Topics in Rhetoric (Topic: Copyright/Copyleft), a slew of private lessons (including jazz piano, voice, violin, drumset), etc.

My main point is: look at all the things I learned! I was very lucky to be able to go to a college that helped me take classes in all my interests. I did a full course load each semester with over 18 credits each time. (Music majors usually have a lot of credits because of the number of classes they need to fit in).

If you are going to college in your future, or are in college now, please go forth and broaden your horizons.


If you have room in your course load, take a class in dance, or art, or science. Something outside of your set major. You can meet different people with different interests. Take something you might’ve had a minor interest in before.

For instance, I have always wanted to learn how to play the drums.


Not many of my other piano major friends (or other friends in general) at school bothered taking a class outside of the required classes they needed. They were stuck in their major.

I reached out to the drum professor and had an extra couple of credits that I could put towards drum lessons for a semester senior year. Now, I can actually play some drum rhythms and have a deeper understanding of another instrument.


For me, I was already paying tuition, I might as well make an effort to learn new things. Which was my main point of being in school.

If you read nothing else in this post, the main point is: Reach out of your comfort zone and learn something new that you’ve always wanted to learn. If you always wanted to improve your drawing skills, take a drawing course. You are interested in Nutrition? Do that. Wanted to learn how to dance, take a class in dance!

There. I said it. Finally. Sorry again it took me four years, but I hope it helps someone out there.


Stay awesome, you amazing people. I wish you only the best! Good luck with your future endeavors, whether that be school, more school, work, or whatever else.

I wished I looked like this whenever I play keyboard or piano.

If you are going through finals now, best of luck! If you’re done (like I am), then have a good summer! Done with school? Go have a good summer and a good rest of your week.

Do your best in life, and work hard. Play hard. Rock out.

And continue to spread that creativity,



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