Finals, Rain, and Pre-Christmas Cheer!

Greetings world!

Tonight, I have successfully locked myself away in my room. It is currently 8:24PM. I have changed into PJs and am now ready to face my homework and study for finals – if I didn’t have finals, I do realize I could very well go to bed before my usual 1AM time, which is UNCANNY.

Throwback to when I stayed up until past 3AM three days in a row. And survived. Somehow.

Anyway. Came home from helping to perform in the Christmas program at church, in two different times. I had to get up at 7AM! And be ready to go by 8! I was a little late because I realized how terrible it was to have to wake up before 8:45AM again. But I did it. Not sure how I am surviving.

I think it’s the promise of Christmas soon to come.

Finals, then Christmas. SO.FLIP-TAST-TICING. CLOSE.

It is now 8:26PM and although it has stopped pouring, it is still fairly windy. I have my window open and I’m enjoying the chill and the sound of rain and wind and…Ah! Love it!

My view right now. I also have my little “fairy lights” on around my bed, so that’s why it’s colorful ā¤

It would be even better if college kids didn’t go by yelling every once in a while and that I wasn’t kind of near a busy street.

This is a post without a real agenda.

Okay, that’s not true.

I wanted to talk about FINALS/CLASSES, that it was RAINING, and how it’s almost CHRISTMAS. Well, I see that I have done those things.

Wait, I have not complained about finals enough!

FINALS. Finalsfinalsfinals. I hate finals. Just give me papers. I can handle papers. But tests and papers? NO. Come on.

As a music major, my life for the past month has consisted of performance/concert/recital after performance/concert/recital after…I think you get the point. There have been an abundance of performances (where I have to put on makeup, dress up, and perform some memorized song/piece).

Although I do enjoy it, for the most part, that plus having to keep up in other classes is terrible. I’m taking about 19 credits worth of classes (basically for me that equals about 11 or 12 classes, including private lessons), plus doing extra like practicing and tutoring. I wish there were either more days in a year, or less stuff to learn in a semester, or more hours in a day. Or that I could recharge like a phone, whenever I needed it so I could work at the same time.

It is now 8:35PM. I am listening to music – probably my way of coping with this stressful time! – enjoying the rain, and going to write this paper that is due tomorrow afternoon by 1:15PM, whilst worrying about studying for my other final that evening and my piano duet jury. All tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Day 1 of FINALS, here I come!

Piano notes. In actuality, it says “still exciting”.

Spreading creativity while screaming into a pillow,



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