Where Was I (in the month of March and April?!?)

Going back to look on my posts that are archived in the other months, I realize that I was able to post at least one post a month from November 2015 through February of 2016.

I originally began this blog in the fall of 2015 for a class about composing new media. Since the end of that class in December, I have made it a goal of mine to continue posting in this blog, no matter what.

However, in the months of March and April, I was at my busiest in a different way than most regular college students.

And I disappeared foreverrr.

(Just kidding)

I wasn’t studying furiously for a test or writing a 50 page paper. I was practicing almost 6 hours a day whenever I could for my 30 minutes of memorized repertoire for solo piano.

Fun. I know.

It took a ton of work and my Spring Break consisted mostly of me practicing whenever I could. (And trying out Raw Vegan Not Gross recipes I’d find from Tastemade by Laura Miller – story to come later if interested and I remember) πŸ™‚

For my performance, I played Bach Prelude and Fugue in B-flat major, Haydn Fantasie in C, and movements 1 – 3 of Into The Mists by Leos Janacek.

If all of those words, you just skipped over, just remember JANACEK. [YAH-NAH-CHECK]

He’s a 21st century composer that my piano teacher introduced to me and Into the Mists set of 4 songs was my favorite of the three to play and perform.

(not so) FUN SIDE NOTE:
The week of the performance, I went to practice three days before. The pedal squeaked every time I pressed it and lifted up. It distracted me a lot, but I got over it. When I mentioned it to my teacher, she said she’d mention it to them when they came to tune the piano (which they do once a week in that room I believe).

SO I was like, OKAY GREAT!

Then. The performance came. The first piece was fine. I played Bach. Then my friend played her oboe and her first piece. Then by my 2nd piece, the pedal started squeaking halfway through.

It was so unexpected! I had told myself not to worry about it because it wouldn’t be a problem anymore. It wouldn’t be an option to be a problem. No problems here.

I was mainly worried because my 3rd and final piece of the program was more slow and had its quiet parts — and that pedal would DEFINITELY be heard over anything I played.

However, do not fear! After my oboe friend played her 2nd piece, and then it was my turn again, my teacher (who accompanied) said that the pedal wasn’t squeaking anymore! And not to worry.

Wow. Okay, awesome. So I didn’t. But part way through, at one loud part, it started again and I was like NOPE NOT TODAY. And gave that performance all that I had.

I was being defiant against that damn pedal and I was determined not to let it mess me up.

Moral of the story: Everything will be okay.


I was very relieved once my performance was over, but with finals coming and Hell about to over take the Earth, the stress is coming back. And it’s about to get pretty crazy.

Somehow I turned this into a #school #finals post, and I apologize. BUT THAT IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

Over and out! Best of luck in all of your creative endeavors. πŸ™‚



P.S. Life update: I woke up. And wrote this in the 15 minutes before class. I think the longer part was finding the gifs. But that’s fun, haha πŸ™‚ Okay, byee!


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