Dear Killjoys – from a Dedicated TV Show Enthusiast?

Greetings world!

Rae here.


I mean, who else, right? Unless some alien has taken over my body and is pretending to be a twenty-something college student stressing about every aspect of the rest of their lives.

But what’s the fun in that? They might as well go take over someone else’s body. Like, Beyonce. She seems to be having a lot more fun.

I don’t know.


SPEAKING OF ALIENS and intergalactic space beings.

~magical segue / such an inspiring transition~



Killjoys is a Canadian TV show. Thanks to Wikipedia, I was able to find out some more information on my new favorite, current, TV show. (FUN FACT: Friends is still my all-time favorite in the TV show category if anyone asks, just FYI.)

Basically, the important thing is that the show has been renewed for a third season and there are already two seasons readily available on iTunes (and I saw online that it’s supposed to be on Hulu? But, not sure.)


The fun part is, I got my friend to watch the first season. This was when I went to her house. We watched almost seven (eight?) episodes in one night after eating a delicious meal of chicken curry, rice, and chocolate chip cookies (in case you were interested in my dinner last Saturday evening, weirdos).

Less than a week later, she texts me to let me know she finished season 1 and just binge watched season 2. (Yeah, I also got her hooked on Teen Wolf, and she’s passed me in watching it. I’m still in the middle of season 5 — OHMYGOSH don’t get me started on Teen Wolf. My heart.)


She loved it. I loved it (more). So, you’ll definitely love it.

That’s totally how that works, amiright?


Before I release you from this post, I’m going to post some pictures with a little descriptions of my emotions, thoughts, etc. towards the characters on the show. I will try my very very very best not to include any spoilers. But, if there are, I will say “SPOILER HERE” (or something of the like), as a warning.

I’m sorry if it seems like all my posts are Dylan O’Brien appreciation posts. ❤

1. Dutch

Played by: Hannah John-Kamen

My favorite character. I don’t know why, but after a few episodes, maybe even the first episode, I was deeply invested in this character. I was also very confident in whatever she chose to do in a situation and that she knew what she was doing. If she decided to kill this person, that person had to die, etc.

I don’t know if I’m explaining it well. Sorry. I think you might understand when you most definitely watch it. ^_^ 🙂


2. The Jaqobi brothers

Just kidding, I’ll split them up since they’re so great and two completely different lovable characters. But honestly, whenever I think of them, I think “oh, yeah, the Jaqobi brothers”. And just think of Pawter’s voice when you say “Jaqobi brothers” because she probably says it like fifty hundred times in the show. Which is a thing I love though because Jaqobi is incredibly fun to say.

Killjoys - Season 2
Best bros on the planet. ❤

2. John (Johnny) Jaqobi

Played by: Aaron Ashmore

My second favorite character.

He’s freaking adorable. He has so many great, funny dialogue lines that just make me UGH. Love him even more. The rapport between the characters and witty banter is everything. It’s definitely part of what makes the show so great.


3. D’avin Jaqobi

Played by: Luke Macfarlane

Johnny’s older brother. Tortured past, super muscly, hot. Typical older brother, right? His story is pretty cool and it’s definitely a fun ride to be on once you find out everything. (No spoilers, sorry, gowatchgowatchgowatch)


4. Dutch’s (but really it’s Johnny’s) Sassy Spaceship, Lucy

Voiced by: Tamsen McDonough

Wonderful. Sassy spaceship, what else do you need?


Maybe a few space toys and a weird bug thing that *********.

(Sorry, I had to asterisk out that spoiler. But somewhere in season 2, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND. And when you do, come back and talk to me because that was the grossest episode ever and a complete twist.)


5. Pawter Simms

Played by: Sarah Power

The sassiest, bad-assiest doctor there is ever to live in this galaxy.


6. Alvis Akari

Played by: Morgan Kelly

Hot monk? Heeellll-oooo.


7. Pree

Played by: Thom Allison

Sassy bartender? Yes, please. He’s the character that I think is both fearless, ageless, and is actually so fearless, he’s literally never going to be killed off.

(Writers, don’t you dare get any funny ideas.)



This show can’t come back fast enough. I felt that the season 2 finale wasn’t really a finale. The episode before the last one felt more like a finale to be honest. That’s where all the action happens. The finale of season 2 is like a nice little ending that will get on your nerves but make you unable to wait for the next season.

The opening sequence for season 2 of Killjoys is also my favorite thing ever. The artwork is so amazing and cool and the music is pretty great. I rock out each time it comes on and I hear it. I want a poster in this artwork, by the way. #loveKilljoys


So take your seats, ladies and gents, this is going to be one crraaazzzyy ride! Watch the show. Now. Go. Be free. Have fun and come tell me what you think!


If you already watch the show, rant or rave in the comments. I don’t promise that section will be spoiler free though! So go forth at your own risk!


Spread the creativity like cookie butter,




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