How My Best Friend Betrayed Me (Story Time)

As I recall my experience, I realize that I don’t like to appear stupid.

I mean, who does?

I don’t think I’m stupid.

However, I’m going to share my slightly stupid moment because I do do stupid things sometimes and so does the rest of the world. Surprise! I do something that at the time seems totally fine. And then later on I’m like OH WELL that was (actually) kind of dumb. Nice going.

This wasn’t too dumb of a moment. On my part.

More of a dumb event that could have been prevented if I wasn’t so damn friendly.'s_friendly.gif/revision/latest?cb=20121111192755

What can I say? Cats are my weakness.

Dogs are too. House pets in general. Things I can walk up to and pet without dying. Usually a dog is accompanied by a human owner, and is on a leash. I don’t want to stop them from doing their thing. And if it’s a stray dog without a leash or owner, then my first thought is it’s probably going to attack me.

(No traumatic dog experience when I was younger, I love dogs, but I can definitely see how being bitten or attacked by an animal at a young age could scar someone and make them hate that animal for the rest of their lives. Just saying. I get it.)

I thought cats were my friends. This cat. This cat was my friend. And then it turned on me.

My friend and I were walking back from having gotten dinner and were by campus when we saw a gray cat. My friend is an avid lover of cats as well, and she remembered having petted this cat before and it being friendly.

So. Me being me. I took her word for it. And I went into the situation blind and unknowing. The cat let us pet it for a few minutes. I held my hand out and it even jumped into my head, nose first to be pet. Then, when I went to pet it again, I said “Wow, show [my friend] that trick” and it launched at my hand, teeth first.

Don’t worry. I’m being FAIRLY dramatic about this entire experience, because sue me (please don’t) I’m a writer.

Anyway, now I have two very small puncture wounds on my palm by my pointer finger. It looks like a I got pinched by a giant stapler or a very small vampire. On the hand.

My friend thought it was hilarious that that was the TRICK THAT CAT decided to show me. I have to admit, that was pretty funny. (And if I make her out to sound like an evil friend, it’s because she is, ha-ha, but at the time she didn’t know I was bitten anyway and probably have rabies).

The cat also swiped its claws at her hand when she tried afterwards to pet it. (So it wasn’t just me! And I’m not crazy! —– says every crazy person ever)

My first cat attack! Not a proud moment. But I just never thought that would happen.

That is why I consider it a slightly dumb moment. My love for cats drowned out the common sense of, hey don’t pet random cats. (To be fair, the cat had a collar on it too. So probably no rabies – Yay?!)


I had to disinfect it with hand sanitizer. Since I didn’t have rubbing alcohol.

It stung. A lot.

This is me ending this post abruptly because I must sleep. At some point in this long day 🙂

Toodle-loo, kangaroo! (I might now use that! I like it.)


Spread that creativity ❤



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