Post About Summer? Or Another Excuse to Use Gifs? Hmm.



It feels like it’s been decades. Which, who knows, it could’ve been. In some other time dimension or world. WHO KNOWS.


Summer happened. It was a thing. That happened.

How was it for you? Did you accomplish all that you wanted? (Whether it be, laying in bed and literally doing nothing besides being, or working, or schooling, etc.)

How are you?


I’m okay. I mean, school starts Monday, so I’m still in that weird universe where I think it’s summer but I’m back on campus and am wondering where the hell summer even went.


Like, hello, it just started?!?!


Okay. I’ve moved on. Accepted the fact I’m back at school.


Back to summery things.


I got a job. Yes.


I did! It was fun. I was a stocker at Walmart. Not going to say where, but I had some great team members. It was a good experience and I hope everyone there is doing well! (Handling themselves now that I’m not there haha, even though I was just there for the summer and most have been there waaaayyy longer than I have LOL) BUT THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES GUYS! ❤


I also wrote A LOT MORE and posted those fun things on my account on WATTPAD. So, check those out. I was working on continuing my short story “Princess of the Stars“. I remade the cover like a thousand times before I finally chose one. I might change it again later, but here it is for now:

princess of the stars option cover 3 dress girl USED
Princess of the Stars: look how fancy! What! 😀



Go read it if you want! If you don’t want, I’m sorry. Just move on. Ignore me.


Anywho. I also visited Oregon. It was TONS of fun, and a great experience. I love Oregon. I wish I’ll have a chance to visit more places in the United States. Especially places with rain. And lots of green trees. I love those. Because I’m weird and feel like an imposter in Southern California. (Don’t worry, Cali, I love you too.)

So, here it is. My back-from-the-dead, my welcome-back-from-summer, school-starts-in-a-few-days, slap-in-the-head, get-back-to-blogging-Rae post.

Welcome everyone to whatever state of being in your life you are! (Did that sentence even make sense? No. Well, shucks, sorry.)

I just had In-N-Out. I moved back in yesterday and AM READY.

That’s what I keep telling myself.


Let me know how all of your summers have been! Did you work? Did you sleep? Did you dance with fairies and unicorns?

Best of luck in all of your endeavors, with love,

Rae 🙂

Two Dean/Jensen Ackles gifs in one post? I KNOW! Someone stop me. Please.
I also love Dylan O’Brien. K, THANKS, bye 🙂

Side note: I realize most of this post contains gifs that may or may not seem random to you, but I LOVE GIFS. I hope you have a lovely day/night and go forward with confidence, love, and happiness.

Now, bye. 🙂 For reals.


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