My Daily “MUSIC IS LIFE” Post.

Hi everyone!

First of all, I would like to apologize. Mainly, to myself. It took me more than 2 weeks to actually finish writing this post. Not 2 weeks straight, but every so often I’d come and write a few lines or a paragraph, then be busy and have to go to class or then have to do something else.


So, without further ADO.

I love music.


It’s just a fact. Let’s be honest.

Over the summer, I pre-ordered Lindsey Stirling‘s album, listened to songs by MAX (Schneider), and over this last weekend (August 27th – SEE? About 2 weeks ago! -_-) went to a Tenth Avenue North concert.

Music is amazing and this post is going to explain a few things about these different artists. Or at least, what I love about them.

Brief Introduction to Me and Music:

My musical taste ranges pretty vastly. It’s literally all over the place.

So I don’t really feel like explaining about all the music I like.

Sorry. Maybe another time. If you want some song suggestions you can totally ask me! I totally love giving people playlists to listen to or themed playlists, etc. The moment my best friend asked for a playlist for exercising to, I was ALL OVER THAT. You can bet she got at least 15 different suggestions with little notes in one very long text message about ten minutes later.

(I have problems)


However, I will say that I’ve very rarely loved all the songs on one artist’s album. Like, I love Lindsey Stirling and think she’s not only an amazing musician/dancer/performer, but also a wonderful storyteller and person in general. However, I don’t love every single one of her songs.

I think it’s been that way for every musician I’ve ever heard. I had a phase where I just loved every single one of Taylor Swift’s songs. Now, I don’t. I like some of it, but not all. Not exactly sure why….but obviously my musical taste has grown and expanded.

Topic #1: Lindsey Stirling’s album Brave Enough


I pre-ordered Lindsey Stirling’s album as soon as I found out it was happening.

The album cover is AMAZING! And I’ve always loved her music. Anyway, long story short, I like a few songs (like Lost Girls, The Arena–which is insanely good, you need to see that music video NOW, and a few others) but not all of them. Truthfully, I wish I hadn’t pre-ordered and I remember why I don’t do things like that.

Me, being the complete music nerd/music major person I am, I have to listen to a song pretty carefully to know that I like it. (Yeah, I’m weirdly picky, yet not…I can’t explain it in a blog post or even words, so I apologize if I ever just make weird sounds to describe my love for a song because I DO THAT A LOT. Same way with books or movies. LOL)

Even though, I don’t listen to all of the songs on the album, if I had to give money to any artist, I’m glad that it’s a musician like Lindsey.

Her music video for “The Arena” is a work of art and even if you don’t like her music or music without lyrics, you should watch the video. It’s amazing. (And if you love the music like I do, then you’ll love it.)

I’ll even put it here for you to watch. πŸ™‚

Topic #2: MAX and his amazing freaking angelic voice of power


Okay. Max Schneider. I always knew of him as the YouTube guy that did covers or was in those cool videos with Kurt Hugo Schneider – that wasn’t his brother but I thought he was for a few months before I actually looked into it. (fun fact)

The moment he changed, he changed his name to MAX. Edgy, right? At least I thought it was because he wanted people to know that he had most definitely changed and was ready to create new music. (Of course, I’m not 100% sure, but that’s how I read it.)

His voice is freaking amazing. I could literally listen to it ALL DAY. One of my favorites is “10 Victoria’s Secret Models“.


My other favorite is: “Lights Down Low“.

Lights Down Low has two versions on his channel. The original is a great song, and I prompt you to go give it a listen. I really like theΒ Not Your Dope remix version though. The video is interesting and it’s obvious they put a lot of work into it.

Option #1:

Option #2:


Topic #3: Tenth Avenue NorthΒ at Revivus concert

(One of my favorite songs is: “What You Want“)


Quick side note:

I love videos like this. This was a cover reveal video of their new album and they had someone paint in a time lapse onto the wall. Yup.

I have to be honest with you. I have never liked Christian Rock music. I think it was because I had a friend that thought it was completely stupid and she said so, and that was just my impression from the start.

And to be completely honest, just listening to a few songs on YouTube didn’t really impress me.

Everything changed when I saw them live.

crappy picture from my phone

Literally, everything.

I paid to do the meet & greet with my friends. I went with a group of about 6 or 7 and there were at least 2 or 3 of my friends that were huge fans of the band. So, their excitement might’ve rubbed off on me as well.

We met the band before they played, and they were all very nice. Me, being my awkward self, felt a bit awkward being like “Hi, I don’t really know any of your music but I think you guys are pretty cool. Can you sign this and take a pic, KTHANKSBYE”

Group pic! This one always makes me laugh. ^_^


Anyway, on stage, the band was obviously very close and they knew how to get the crowd involved. Everyone was standing that could and my friend and I were in the front row. It was pretty freaking awesome. If I didn’t think their music was exciting before, it definitely was now. Seeing a band perform live gave you that much more of a connection with their music and made you feel “alive”. (yeah, cliche cliche cliche, don’t kill me)


It was from 2pm till 9pm on a Saturday and it was the best day of my life.


Afterwards, we went to Denny’s and fries never tasted so good at 10 in the evening. (Yes, of course I snapchatted it. Because FOOD)


Thanks Tenth Avenue North for being awesome. (Also, Mike, the lead singer is so sassy and hilarious, I was laughing so hard!!)

If my friend checks her messages and send me the video of him being sassy, then I’ll add it here! πŸ™‚



Latest Update: Listen to “Adventure of a Lifetime” by Coldplay. The music video looks like so much fun and the music reflects that. Or vice versa.

On a more serious note:

Listen to “yes girl” by Bea Miller.

I’ve always loved how powerful her voice is.


I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night! And that you will all be as happy about music as I am. Spread the love, share a song.

Love lots,

Rae ❀


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