My Website

Hello world!

So if you missed my blog post about this same topic, I’m going to make a website.


I will be posting a link to it here, so you can all go check it out, comment, share, watch videos and be wowed by my amazing artistic/laying-out of website skills.

Seriously. It took me forever to just get everything where I wanted it to, and I will probably end up disliking where I put one thing tomorrow and change everything. So, speaking of which, this site is very much under construction layout-wise.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Please check out the website. If you even look at it and take something away from that experience, then all of my hard work would be worth it.


To be honest, it looks much better on a computer, not the mobile view. So check it out on your laptop or tablet if you can! 😀

And in case you missed the links I posted on this page twice before this point, here it is one last time: THE WEBSITE!


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