What’s Your Inspiration? (Musician Edition)

Hello everyone!


Fun side note: As I was trying to write this post, I accidentally published it. That was, of course, when I had yet to actually write the post using any coherent language. So. Instead, it was filled with my random notes.


I like to take down notes when I think of something I think would make a good post, or that I’m interested in blabbing on about. To the internet world. To my internet peeps.

Not as fun side notes – but side notes nonetheless:

-The piano was like $8,000+ (sorry no context, but you’ll understand soon).


-My original notes were much harsher than this. It was more: WHERE’S THE BEAUTY IN PIANO? THE ART? MUSIC IS DEAD! HURRAH.


-I try to keep a more positive view on things, so that’s how this post came to be more about inspiration πŸ™‚


Fun side note over.

As you may know, I’m a music major in college. My main instrument is piano. I’ve been playing for a long time and have been classically trained. It’s just a fact. Not trying to sound conceited or whatever. Facts are facts bro.


I’m also interested in sound editing and sound effects in movies, playing the pipe organ, and learning how to play jazz. I have played pop songs before from books that I’ve received as gifts for birthdays or Christmas presents. [If you want to get to know me, check out my about me post. Not much has changed.]

Getting to the real story here. I didn’t come here to tell you about my life story. That’s just an important piece of background info that will give you slight context to what the real story is.




I was walking through Costco, as one does when shopping at Costco on a Friday night – because, let’s be real, that place is the best and I have no life. haha…ha. just kidding. (If you absolutely hate Costco, I’m sorry.)


I get halfway through the store, and see about three grand (I think baby grands) pianos on display. Of course I get excited. It’s instinct. I see a piano in a public place, instantly thinks: OHMYGOSH. I can be the Piano Guys. I will become the next Piano Guys member and rule this world.

But alas, there was a sign that said please ask to play – or something of that sort. Not that I would really play on it even if there was no sign, because I’m that kind of person that doesn’t like drawing unnecessary attention to myself. (Fact.)

HOWEVER, suddenly! I hear it!

Do my ears betray me?



There’s “All of Me” by John Legend playing over the speakers at the piano display.

Okay, okay. I don’t have anything against All of Me by John Legend. Or John Legend. Or some good old pop music.

But, playing it to sell a grand piano?!

No. That is not okay. Nope. nopenopenopenope. Those are my initial thoughts. If I’m being honest, my pianist mind went into a red haze thinking of all the talent and hard work and practicing I’ve done, but it’s not be recognized.

Not necessarily my hard work. That didn’t matter as much. But more of the pianists that train all their lives to master the piano – and are still learning.

It was basically a slap in the face. All my life, I’ve practiced and worked so hard on technique, repertoire, and performance. And I still have much more to learn. I wasn’t motivated or inspired by pop songs or an easy piano reduction that is computerized.

That’s not what you use to sell a grand piano.

You use something that inspires you to learn how to play the piano. Not how to play your favorite pop songs. (Which, funnily enough, is something that piano teachers do anyway if their students want to learn it. Makes sense. Students come first. You and the teacher have to be on the same page of what you want to learn. Thanks Piano Pedagogy.)

As a kid, I was always interested in the music specials they had on TV. (Shout out to PBS and PBSkids. My childhood right there.)

I remember seeing Victor Borge playing piano. He combined music with comedy in his performances and that was fascinating. That was his talent and skill.

(if you want to see more of him playing piano with comedy, go to about 3:45 in this video above)

Then there’s the famous pianists you see now. Well, that I see now. Since I’m studying piano. If you search for them on YouTube, then you see such classical pianists, but it’s not like people who aren’t studying music would know anything about that because it wouldn’t come up in the news or in regular conversation. Probably. I’m guessing. I’m not studying computer science, so I’m sure they know a lot more about that and see that in the news or whatever sites they follow.

This video for example!

This is Yuja Wang. She’s a pianist and did an encore of an arrangement of the Turkish March by Beethoven. It was arranged by Volodos.

THIS!! This is what should be inspiring beginning musicians/pianists. This.

If you hear this:

I don’t know about you, but I’m inspired by other things.

Not to diminish pop music or people that want to learn pop music. That’s great. It’s still a fine thing to learn, but personally, I think it’s much easier to learn the technique through Classical pieces first. Then, do what you want.

Artists like, the Piano Guys, Kurt Hugo Schneider, and cover artists that bring in their own talents and creative ideas make me want to create music. Singers like Brendon Urie, MAX, Us The Duo, and Pentatonix makes me want to make music.

But they don’t make me want to learn the piano. (Okay, I can see the Piano Guys or KHS, but not more common pop song artists.)

My point is. Pop music is good for what it is. But not for inspiring people to buy a grand piano and learn it.


When you see a pianist, like in the video of Yuja Wang, that can play like that, versus hearing or seeing a pop song on a piano….It doesn’t do the piano justice. It doesn’t bring it to its full potential or power.

There needs to be so much more.

Those are my thoughts.

[Bam. I did it! *Applaud* Thank you thank you.]


Well? What do you think? Are you a musician? What kind of music do you play? What’s your inspiration?

If you aren’t a musician, what do you think would inspire you to learn? Based on the videos and artists I’ve shared. Or ones that you know!

In the end, it’s up to you what you want to learn. Find your inspiration and always strive to do your best. That’s more of a life thing than a music thing.


Thanks for reading my little blab πŸ™‚

Spread that creativity! ❀





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