Dwayne “The Rock Clock App” Johnson

Good morning, Cheesecake!!

That’s right.


I did it.


I downloaded “The Rock Clock” free app onto my cellular device. Are you ready for some motivation! BECAUSE I AM.


Yep, that’s right! I have put in the goal to “write a blog post” and I think, if I’m correct, then that will be every morning? Also, since I didn’t put an “END GOAL”, I guess that will go on…forever.


Don’t worry, I don’t think this goal will last me for so long. But best of luck to myself! I hope that if I write a post in the morning, I’ll have more incentive to get up early and do something before classes — AND ACTUALLY BE AWAKE.

Like this cute dog. Ohmygosh, yes please.


I have a friend where, on Facebook, we basically only send each other cute animal videos and pictures and funny memes about school and not having any sleep and crying because of stress. Haha. Hah. YAY!


We’ll see how well this app works! If it doesn’t, then I will just use my clock.

Happy Tuesday to all! Good morning beautiful world.

Okay, that’s a lie. (LIES!) I actually wrote this Monday night, but since I already posted in the morning, I didn’t want to post again right away.

SO JUST KIDDING, I’ll be more truthful next time.

And have as amazing hair as Loki

Over and out!





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