Dead For A Week

Sometimes it’s nice to fall off the face of the earth and not contact anyone.



For me, this was the case when I got sick over the weekend, and had to miss classes throughout the following week.

It was only nice for the first day. Now, the stress is setting in as I realize I have to deal with the world again and my problems and schoolwork.


I also realized how freaking easy it is to not care.

It takes so much more work to care and follow up on things and live your life with responsibilities. This realization came a couple days ago when I was holed up in my room, tissues in hand, tea by my side as I binge watched a season of Teen Wolf. (amazing show, if you’re every sick or want to binge watch something do that. You will love it and probably die emotionally and become waay too invested in the characters *coughStilescough*)

I love them ❤

As I slowly ween myself off of binge watching TV shows, or movies and go back into my school life, I’m glad. There’s nothing really fulfilling in binge watching a show for two or three days straight. Afterwards, you might be satisfied somewhat, but what did you accomplish? For me, basically nothing. I mean, as a writer, it helps me sometimes to get into the mood for writing something as awesome and kickass, but when I’m sick, it’s hard to think about anything else but how crappy I feel. (sob sob, poor me, I know)

Because my sick life is so interesting, this is the usual cycle:

Day 1 – Sore Throat (absolutely hate sore throats)


-if I have a sore throat, then I know…I KNOW that a cold and runny/stuffy/horribleness nose is coming and then a mucus filled week follows (YAY)

Day 2 – if I’m lucky, it moves on from the sore throat to: Stuffy Nose


-a nose that is stuffed up 😛

Day 3 – stuffy & runny nose, day -spent with tissues and breathing through the mouth



Day 4 – now that your mouth is so dry you can’t swallow, your nose let’s up and just runs and creates problems in your life


-you’re hot and cold and hot and cold. Oh, who am I kidding? You don’t know what temperature you want it to be. I do though. I like it cold. But I still use a blanket ((lol))

Day 5 – Mucus Galore


-throat, cough, nose, runs everywhere. Grossness factor: 100

Day 6 – I’m going to class no matter what I can’t stay in this room any longer


-result: reddest nose in the world


And that has been my life. In case you were dying to know.


Oh. I also had ramen though, and it was great. I love soup. I love noodles. 🙂

love noodles


love noooooooodles
ode to noodles

Over and out! I hope your week is going better than mine and that you will not get sick!


p.s. I apologize. I love gifs too.



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