Can’t Believe I Did This – YouTube Edition

HELLO WORLD! Greetings from my room to wherever you may be.


I have created a new YouTube channel! Well, a YouTube channel where I’m actually posting videos instead of just a Google account!


So. If you would like to go see my awkward self on the big laptop screen (or phone screen), go check it out! I talk about music. And life. But mainly music.

And thumbnails. Wow. A great way to showcase my most awkward snapshots in videos. Oh. OH JOY.



Please comment or share or something.

I like to know that my hard work is being seen! (DON’T WE ALL *laugh*) And that someone might actually relate or appreciate the video. Or music I talk about.

Is there anyone out there? I greet thee.



ACCIDENTALLY REMIXED. That’s the channel name. I guess I should’ve started with that.

Welp. Oh well.

Here’s a puppy-dog look from Stiles on Teen Wolf.


Thanks! I promise cookies and milkshakes to the first 30 subscribers.


*Totally not lying.* What? Who said that…


Not possessed. Just mid eye-roll. LOL. Behind-the-scenes picture of episode 1. I’m EDITING YAY.

Over and out!

Rachel 🙂


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