Bird Invasion. Let the People Know.

*If you are terrified of birds, do not continue. You have been forewarned!*

Birds. Many of them.

Have lived in the city of Orange for years now (I think), but they have not multiplied. Tripled. Quadrupled! There are wild parrots and crows. Although I am unsure on their scientific name, all I know is that they are scouring the streets of Orange with a clear mission.

To take over the world.

One city at a time.


To be real now!

Basically, the birds have circled my college campus for days, then left and gone somewhere, then when we think they are gone, they are back, circling and landing in the tree outside my dorm building and terrorizing the people walking on the sidewalks, bombing the unprotected cars parked below on the streets (minding their own business) with the tree branches, leaves, and seeds that they are noisily destroying.


Now, when we walk on the sidewalks, we are no longer safe. The screeching cries of birds can only be blocked my earplugs and by the safety of the indoors. They come at all times of the day. No one is safe outside.

On a weekend, when I planned to wake up at 9 or 10AM – okay, let’s me realistic, I set my alarm for 10 – they come making a ruckus at bloody 8AM. Yeah, that’s right. The ONE DAY I get to sleep in, and I don’t.

Earplugs. Those are the only solution we have now. Or headphones. Use them. And save yourself from losing a couple hours of sleep.


Be safe out there.

Spread that creativity from the safety of your room like I am currently. WISH ME LUCK AS I VENTURE OUTSIDE.


*sarcasm included*

P.S. I have not seen the Alfred Hitchcock Birds movie, but now, I don’t need to! (o_0)



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