The Shannara Chronicles? Yes.

TV Shows. AKA Did You Say Fantasy? Shannara? What?


Long story short I’m obsessed with the TV show the Shannara Chronicles. (To the point that my phone now does not auto-correct Shannara to “Shane’s” or “what”. *cheers*)

The first 10 minutes, or however long that scene was, had be completely hooked and I knew that I had to watch it. It was the Gauntlet race. It was such a cool scene and I’m glad that that was the starting shot.

Amberle being a total kickass elf.
AMBERLE! Awesome shot, man.

If anything, the art of it…oh wow. *mutters incoherently* It’s so pretty. AND the music? It went so well. *fangirls over everything gah*

Before you say anything. I have not read the books. I’m not basing any of my knowledge or critique off of the books and I am only basing it on what I’ve seen in the show as of now.

The first two episodes, which make up the pilot of the show, are up on YouTube and it is also free on iTunes in the United States. Everyone who has access to YouTube or MTV or the MTV app – those sorts of things – has absolutely no excuse to not watch the show.

If you hate fantasy and amazing shows, then you have an excuse but if you say that you love fantasy, you have to check this out. If you hate it afterwards, FINE, that is completely fine. As long as you’ve seen it…then you are OK in my book and part of your brain space has taken in this knowledge, judged it, watched it, and has moved on.

Good for you, because I can not stop thinking about how amazing the show is and why it’s not what everyone in TV and writing is talking about!

Here. I even added the link for the Pilot show for you. Hope you enjoy!

My comments:

Not only are the main characters, and whatever romances they have between them, important, but so are all the other side characters. And sometimes, side characters are the best. They have awesome roles and, when portrayed by good actors, it is perfect.

Poppy Drayton as Amberle
Austin Butler as Wil
Ivana Baquero as Eretria
Manu Bennett as Allanon (my favorite so far besides Amberle!)


If you have not seen the first two episodes or so, SKIP THIS. MOVE ON PAST THIS PART THAT SAYS “END SPOILERrrrr”, kay?

This guy. THIS guy. He was probably the perfect actor for this part in my mind. He was one amazing elf. Lorin. Portrayed by Mattias Inwood. I saw why it had to happen, but when it did my mind went “why does it have to be the hot elf? it’s always the hot one. but he was so kickass! He was such a great character that could have been expanded upon and made into something so greattt aaaghghhghghhghg”

Love at last breath. *cries*


The inner turmoil of a writer. Or creative being. Or just me. He had such potential.



Moving on!

Amberle and Eretria. Love at first sight, obviously. (LOL)
Allanon. Such cheekiness.
Allanon. Being stoic and badass. Look at him hold that torch. Badass.

I also love the costumes and effects and everything else about it.

When there were parts that I might not have liked, I was like, okay seriously? But I usually forgot by the next minute because my attention would be taken by something else…whether that is good or bad. If there’s something I don’t like about the show in the future, I’ll be sure to post it here. Promise!

I’m sure there are future rants to come (with possible spoilers) from me. So I apologize in advance.

That’s all for now, folks!

Go back to your daily life and until next time.

Spreading creativity to the ends of the Four Lands. (*cough* #Shannara *cough*)


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