It’s a Dorm Life, Games, Hummus, and a magical TV show

Hello world!

Here I am, currently trying to write a blog post. Go me! Actually, I’m using my talk to speak option on my phone to put in text in this blog post on my WordPress app on my smartphone. It is all created with technology.

So I made a list of things I wanted to talk about in this blog because I had some time on my hands to think about this when I was not able to actually write the blog itself. I am taking a class right now called the “Art & Business of Web Video”. Yes, it is a film class. And so far we have learned some interesting things. We had to do our first vlog during our lunch break (of 1-hour) which was rather stressful. It also made me realize how much I really needed to practice vlogging and speaking in front of a camera.

(Which is one reason I’m also trying to talk to my phone for this blog instead of just typing it.)

TO BE HONEST, this is what I feel like when I try to vlog:


I think I am much better at writing things down on paper or on my laptop annd posting blog posts than I am vlogging.

SO. Wish me luck!


First topic is loud dorms. AKA college life.

The other evening there were very loud people outside. And this is a usual occurrence, so nothing new there. The new thing that happened was that someone decided to run down our hallway and bang really loudly on everyone’s door. Or at least mine and my friend’s door, which is a couple doors down. Mind you, this was at 12:30 a.m. not p.m. – a.m.

And it wasn’t like I was asleep at that time, because hashtag college, but I did not appreciate being startled from whatever I was doing to feel like “Oh I’m going to be ambushed”. Because obviously, that’s my first thought when someone is banging on my bedroom door.

1) I’m going to get arrested, or 2) someone’s out to get me, or 3) The garden knomes have awakened and are out for blood.

Believe me, if the dorm rooms had a doorbell (thank goodness we don’t), this is what would happen for sure:


Something that I thought would be a very useful invention, if anyone has a way of actually inventing it, is a sort of device that you can attach to your door-or maybe the inside of your door but somehow to your door-that allows it to know if someone is banging on your door really obnoxiously or trying to break in and then it would know and release the sound similar to a foghorn.

I guess that’d just be an alarm…

Yes, these are the ideas I come up with.

So, if that was you who did that and you happen to be reading this post (somehow), please refrain from being idiotic and inconsiderate again. Sincerely, a fellow college student.

Smartphone game applications. AKA Gaming apps.

Ok so I got a smartphone over this past summer so I’ve had it for several months now and I don’t usually use it for any game apps or anything like that. Sometimes i download those sort of applications onto my tablet but so far since I’ve received this phone I haven’t been using that as much. But for some reason I found a couple games that I really like and I want to refer them to some people so here it goes.

(Oh, and by the way, this is not in any particular order)

1. Neko Atsume

Current situation: apparently it snows too in the game20160110_222904.png

This game app is a cat game. It is all about cats. Cats that come to your yard because you lure them in with food and toys and bedding and all sorts of things that you can buy with either fish tokens or gold fish tokens.

The cats even give you gifts for their stay. As far as I can tell, these gifts are the fish/gold fish tokens AKA money, for you to, you know, buy more food for them or more bedding and toys…but that’s beside the point. It’s cute. They’re so freaking polite and cute and I miss my furry cat friends at home.

I would highly recommend this one to all those cat lovers out there. It is a really simple game: there’s only one objective and that’s to get cats to come to your yard. You can even take pictures of the cats although you can’t really interact with them other than that. Overall it’s a really cute game.

(The only thing would be that I don’t think there is a way you can sell things back, which is unfortunate because I don’t have enough room to place all the things that I would like…)


2. Reaper


Holy guacamole macaroni. This game surprised me so much. It’s the first game I have ever actually considered buying the upgrade for – which I researched was to be only about $4.99 or $2.99, depending on which upgrade you wanted to buy.

It is free up until level 10.

It is a fighting game. It kind of reminds me of some of my old Gameboy games I had before. One that’s kind of similar is maybe that one Kim Possible game. I can’t remember exactly. But obviously, on the smartphone, there are different controls which you have to get used to however, still, those are fairly easy to understand.

Touchscreen controls, needs two hands

It is very different from all of those other smartphone app games with fighting that looks so cool with the awesome graphics on the ads and then turn out to be some game about building castles or armies or little walls and then watching your said armies blow things up. For me, I don’t find those kind of games that exciting. I enjoy more interactive games. Or that’s what I think.

Reaper is a game I would recommend to someone who likes fighting games. It seems to be having an interesting story line so far but I wouldn’t get it just for the story line. I think I would get it for the fighting and how to use those controls to like fight things ranging from weird animals to people attacking you.


And this is all that I have got from the first 10 levels so far. I probably won’t end up actually buying the upgrade because I’m rather cheap at times. And I need to find my own job or possibly an internship…so there’s that. Aaand moving on.

3. Blendoku


This game is really fun game if you like colors and blending things and finding similar colors, which I know might not be for everyone. But if you are interested in colors then I suggest that you download this game. And, yes, it is free.

I guess based on the name it is like Sudoku but I have always disliked Sudoku. Maybe because I never understood it…so I’m not really sure.

Basically you fill in the blanks of boxes with the colors that match similarly to other colors that are already in a box. So you have to create kind of a rainbow effect of one color blending into the next color and as you go to next levels, it gets more difficult and the colors get harder to tell from each other.

(Note: the first 3 color blocks are correct, not the 4th one this gif puts down though)

4. Pop Dash


I actually saw this game when Lindsey Stirling posted, I think a tweet or some sort of social media post about it, online.

At first, I was kind of hesitant to actually get it but it was free and looked interesting…if you like music. So far it’s been okay. It’s been kind of frustrating to get past a specific challenge that you have to complete in order to move on, but that’s just on my end.


Basically, kind of a mix between Guitar Hero and Temple Run on the smartphone. A looot of finger swiping action. So be prepared.

Farmers Market. AKA Let’s Get Healthy

I realize that farmers markets usually have food that are organic. Okay not usually, but always.

However, if you have one thing in mind when you’re going to these kind of markets, then for me, it is worth it.

Because there is this one stand at the farmers market near my school that has pita bread and hummus and they both taste amazing, especially the hummus. Hmmmmmm. Both times I’ve been there, I’ve gotten a spinach and artichoke hummus and I have not regretted it.

Thought this was a cute picture!

This past time I have also bought some almonds from one of the booths. I’ve gotten the sweet almond they had before that was, I think, maple and orange something. This time, I got their chili and lemon one…or maybe it’s chili and spice. Basically, it’s some sort of spicy almond and it’s really good. I like it as a nice snack but I also love almonds so that might also be why I like them.

The Shannara Chronicles:
I have moved my section on the TV show to a separate post which I will link here! Hope you go check it out πŸ™‚

Love the show so far!!! Ahhhh!

Okay. Happy weekend to you!
Spread that creativity,


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