Winter Break And Other Knick-Knacks

Hello people of the internet world!

I welcome you to my humble blog.


Soo. Winter break came and went. And I’m back at school, definitely not ready to continue with the lack of sleep filled weeks of classes, but HERE I AM. Thrilled 🙂


Let me tell you a horror story in two words, three syllables, 6 letters plus 1 dash (and a sprinkle of punctuation for dramatic emphasis).

No. Wi-Fi.


Sure, we don’t have Wi-Fi at home. I’m completely used to it now, so don’t worry. I’m still alive; I survived it. It was kind of nice not worrying about being online, checking emails, or not so patiently waiting for grade reports.


My break consisted of sleeping, eating, walking the dog, hiking, shopping, watching TV, cleaning, walking, sleeping, watching two movies, and mainly spending time with my family.


During the semester, since I had very little extra time, I told myself I would do any shopping I needed to do during Christmas break. My plan had been to go shopping during Thanksgiving Break, but when relatives came to visit, that took most of the time (which was perfectly fine with me!)

I dislike shopping.

Yes. I am a girl.

And yes, I still dislike shopping.

I hate spending all the time trying on things that I may or may not get or like or use. I have to go with a specific list in mind of things that I want, or else I feel that it is utterly pointless.

Window shopping: no.


It took me three different trips with different people to complete my list. The only thing left is boots. But I’m the type of person who gives up easily. I’m also a very picky shopper. Very.

Basically don’t go shopping with me.


The other days of my break consisted of walking the dog and hiking. I do like hiking. I especially like climbing the rocky parts of the mountain or whatever surface one hikes on.

Movie watching:

I finally watched the Mockingjay Part 2 movie. And hated it.

I knew I would which was the exact reason I think I put it off for so long (and also my best friend was going to be back for winter break and we promised to see it together).


Sam Claflin was amazing as Finnick Odair. My opinion.

He was my favorite character.

(Oh, can you tell from what tense I used what scene I’m talking about?)

Me. In this case, I am Hook (person being felled by bookcase) and the movie is Belle. (Once Upon a Time, TV show)

Let’s move on because I’ll cry again from thinking about it. It was a fine end to a movie adaptation of a good trilogy, but I would’ve preferred it if they had put the second half of the third movie into the first. Again, my opinion.

Back at School. Break is officially over. A list of various things:tumblr_inline_mm8xa6ylsc1qz4rgp

  1. I’m in denial. Classes start tomorrow and I’m still wishing it was Christmas.
  1. It is currently 64° in my room. It’s an improvement! mulan-bathWhen I first got back, it was only 60°. Why don’t you turn the heater on, you ask? Oh. Because it’s broken. I can get A/C though! (Yay)1343764
  2. My room smells like Yankee Candle, “Berry Trifle” and I couldn’t be more pleased with the scent. I love fruity smells and sweet scents. I’m all about that. Since the dorms do not allow candles (pity…) I have the fragrance spheres instead!

I hope everyone’s holidays went well and best wishes to all!


Until later,




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