Website Hopes and Dreams


Greetings all!

A website has been made!

I am hoping to continue to edit it and improve its contents over time, so for me personally, it still feels unfinished. It was a bit rushed because it was due for a final project.

The thing with how I do projects is that it has to be perfect – or at least what I think is perfect – before I can show anyone. Or at least, the internet world. So, right now, I’m saying it’s a draft. But feel free to check it out! I’m currently working on one tab that I titled “My Process of Editing Book Covers”.

In this post, I want to talk about my picture of what the website is/will be/working to be now.

My goal was to focus on creativity and the arts in this generation and how it has changed with new media with topics like hyperreality and the simulacra, remediation (the process of taking a text and putting it into another medium), distribution/circulation of popular videos or memes or even stories and their accessibility through the internet, and the interactive qualities of all these things.

For simulacra and hyperreality, I included a tab for YouTubers which was mainly based off the British YouTubers I included in one of my blog posts titled “Is the Real Actually Real?” (which I could’ve very well titled Is the Real Really Real? But that might’ve been a bit much)

Here, I try to look beyond the camera, and see YouTube videos that way. Is what they are filming actually what they do in real life? (In the case of their vlogs). Or are their lives always so exciting, or is it just for the video?

For the remediation aspect, I focus on how writing has changed with the internet and online writing communities, similar to the topic in my blog post with the same title. I think the best aspect of this website was that I was able to include interviews of some writers who have experience with posting online. (For me, it was also a great excuse to reach out and connect with some writers that I look up to, and have a way of including them in this project.)

The interviews can be seen under the writing tab of the site, under interview!

I also delve into the new genre of writing known as Fanfiction and how that is now an accepted form of writing, where before, we didn’t see too much of it. We might have played wizards when we were younger and pretend we were vampires, or in my case – manga/anime characters with elemental powers (since that was all the rage).

In many of these different aspects of the internet and the spread of creativity, there is a very interactive quality. On Youtube, there are comment sections and sharing buttons. It’s the exact same on Wattpad, or Figment, and mots likely on every other type of video or writing site, or art site. Places like tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter all have re-posting options or sharing options.

Sometimes, you see a video you probably would never have seen until it went viral and spread amongst all of your online contacts on Facebook. Like the John Cena meme and videos.

And here is a compilation of the vines that were made, because: you’re welcome. Also, you most likely have seen at least one of these if you know what I’m talking about.

New media has brought us together, but also it has brought us farther apart. Now, things can be shared internationally. My stories online can reach people in the Philippines, Canada, or Germany because of these writing sites. YouTube videos, I’m sure, are seen all over.

There is a new way of spreading your thoughts and creativity. And it’s up to us how we decide to use it.

Wow. Did that feel really melodramatic to anyone else? I apologize. I’m feeling like I made it through a war zone with essays and papers and finals left and right, not to mention all the zombie-fied fellow peers of mine wandering about. While some celebrate for break, others are still powering through, like myself.

Because this is appropriate for the times:



Spreading creativity as best as I can! Happy almost end of finals week for me 🙂 Best wishes to all!








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