Creating a Wikipedia Page – Oli White

Hello world! Greetings from a tired college student.

HAH, as if

Currently listening to the Back To The Future soundtrack which seems fitting as I write this post. Because I am determined. Or, I was.

My mission was to create a Wikipedia page. Yes! A whole new one.

About two weeks ago, I had this idea. Oli White. He’s a well-known YouTuber. Well-known, as in, I’ve seen a lot of his videos and know him well through that. And no, not in a creepy stalker way. But just, a YouTube videos kind of way.

(If you would like see my blog post on these YouTubers and hyperreality, click HERE!)

Anyway, so I remembered seeing a video he did where he googled himself and he found that he didn’t have a Wikipedia page. His buds, Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee both had their own Wikipedia pages, but he didn’t.

I thought he definitely deserved one. I was very defiant, thinking that Oli White definitely had as many followers as Joe Sugg. Apparently, he doesn’t. But that didn’t deter me!

Not yet anyway.

So. Before I even created the page, I did some more research through the behind-the-scenes of Wikipedia and what I found was really interesting. There are actually people back there that respond to your questions if you post in the right places!

oli white deletion page discussion headingNow, if you are a good enough of a detective of things that are on the internet – like myself – then you can find things like this! This is a page about the articles for deletion, more specifically Oli White.

I had no idea that this was even here until I made my account for Wikipedia and did a little more searching.

So I posted a question under the Talk section:

talk page oli white me wikipedia before deleted
Yeah, I’m “MusicRae240”, who would’ve thunk

And was then given a nice welcome and an answer about this page:

second try oli white page talk response

Now, I was very determined to write this article and post this and have it stay up, but now, upon the time that I am going to publish this article, I don’t have much faith that it will be able to stay up. I wanted so badly to just contact Oli White, and be all: “Have someone write a feature article on you so I can make this damn Wikipedia page. Thanks! BYE.” But I did not. Believe, if I thought he’d actually see it, I would’ve.

Now here we are, me talking about it. Only time will tell. If this post is kept up, you will see it. If it is taken down, it will only be one of the marks on the deletion page.

I feel like I’m going into a warzone.

*fingers crossed*

If it doesn’t work, I will try posting a screenshot or something!

Wish me luck.

The Making of:

Going into the actual making of the page.

I googled a lot. I took information I heard in his videos, and made connections, and wrote it all down in a word document as I added my sources in parentheses beside my sentences and paragraphs.

It took a heck of a lot of time. And there’s even more that could probably be added to the Wikipedia page!

After Publishing:

Almost immediately after I published the page, I received a message asking me to add an “infobox”. I had no idea what that meant. After some sleuthing on Google, I found out it was one of these (here’s the first edit of the one I made!):

oli white wikipedia infobox as of 10-30-15

I was able to use these template examples to fill in my blank spaces for the infobox on Oli. It was kind of fun. I was able to use the “edit source” tab at the top and go into the weird looking stuff behind the easier “edit” tab. Almost got lost in the “coding” (I think that’s what it’s called…?) but I made it out alive.

I think.

Edit source stuff looking like this:

oli white edit source screenshot

Overall Thoughts:

I thought it was fun. It was fun having to write this article on someone and helping format it to make sense, with the infobox and photos. I think I will definitely think about posting more things on Wikipedia or editing other pages in need of editing.

This was me after I successfully published this page on Wikipedia. I will be very disappointed if it does end up being taken down…

Update – 10/30:

Unfortunately, this page was deleted. It lasted a little under 12 hours. So, hopefully you were able to see it! Otherwise, here is a PDF I saved of the page.

Oli White – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – added everything

The cached version of the page (not sure how long that link will work, but here it is.

It was great while it lasted. 🙂

Happily spreading creativity!



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