Who Says You Can’t Be Creative?

For all my creative minded friends! This is a post for you!

I noticed that I have always tended to add “aspiring”, especially in high school, to whatever I wanted to be because I didn’t think I was good enough to be a writer, or a musician, or an artist. Even now, I still consider myself to be an aspiring artist. I’ve never thought I was good enough of a writer, so I stuck on the word “aspiring”.

Through the years, I’ve come to realize that I am a pretty good writer. I still have doubts – all the time – but I like what I write and my ideas and imagination. It’s fun. Sure, there are many – maaaany – things I can work on to improve my writing skills, but I know that I am a writer and I love it.

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The Renegade Press

It’s amazing how often the best of us undermine ourselves and sell our dreams short. We live in an age of unprecedented creative expression; the Internet and social media (while seriously flawed) has afforded ingenious minds the opportunity to connect with audiences far beyond their physical reach. While my blog is relatively small compared to some, I still have followers in counties like India, Libya, Egypt and a myriad of other places I had never imagined my words would reach. Yet for all this creative expression and acceptance of art, so many of us are so full of self-doubt that we unwillingly commit self-sabotage every time we post something.

Counterintuitive isn’t it? How can we be expressing ourselves and amassing an audience in far reaching locations, yet lynch our efforts all at once?

The answer: by degrading ourselves and our works through by using bullshit words like aspiring or would-be.

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