The Importance of a Good Heading

Hi peeps, dudes, guys, girls, everyone!

As I was surfing the web, clicking on those meaningless news articles that come up on Facebook from either friends or some suggested post (like, why are you suggesting this article about creepy urban stories that are true? Do you know nothing about me? I hate horror things. Yet, I’m fascinated by them. Yeah, I know it stinks for me)

Anyway, I found this article titled: “Woman Makes a Bad Choice and Climbs Into Crocodile Pit

woman makes a bad choice and climbs into crocodile pit new headline lol what


Hold the phone.

(funny fun fact of post #1! I actually said that the other day to a friend. It was a very fun way to say “wait” or “hold on”. I highly suggest saying this phrase.)

Continue thought:

Why does this headline say that this unfortunate woman made a bad choice. I think climbing into a crocodile pit is much more than a “bad choice”. It’s lacking in all common sense, unless you are invincible or saving someone? Or maybe she was trying to save the crocodile?

No, I did not click on the link, which I kind of wished I had. Maybe I will go back and find that post…

*interlude, while I hunt down post*

Woman Climbs Into Mexico Zoos Crocodile Pit

Here it is, folks!

And it’s not the original headline and post I saw, but it is the same thumbnail picture as in the video. I think “bad choice” is still a misuse of words. Something along the lines of “reckless life decision” might go better with this news story. Or you can substitute “reckless” with “stupid”.

And of course, this video went viral, which supposedly helped officials realize that this woman did go willingly, and consciously, into the crocodile’s space. Thanks, internet.

Go forth and make better life decisions than this one. If everyone is telling you to jump into that lion’s den, don’t do it. Say “hold the phone”, and then walk away.

You don’t need that kind of pressure in your life.

Over and out.


Fun Fact #2 of post: Wrote this post while listening to “Shell Shocked” feat. Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign by Juicy J, which most likely affected my mood while I wrote this (head’s up). It’s from the newer TMNT’s movie, with Megan Fox.

Side note: I love the original movie much better from 1990.

ninja dude
go team, go!

Completely separate song: because I want to suggest a better song, listen to “Puzzle Pieces” by Saint Motel.


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