YouTube Cover Artists – Tyler Ward

Greetings world!

What sort of videos do you watch on YouTube? Do you go for the cooking/baking channels (Rosanna Pansino), comedy channels (Studio C) make-up tutorials, gaming channels (DanAndPhilGAMES), or just your everyday-people-living-their-lives channels like grav3yardgirl or ThatcherJoe, to name a couple? There are so many channels out there!

Well, I have decided to share a video that was posted a few years ago, in 2013. It is a cover of the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. It is done by Lindsey Stirling and Tyler Ward who both have independent YouTube channels and have become well-known through various online media sources.

Like a lot of Tyler Ward’s covers of songs, he either makes a music video with actors and at a specific location in relation to the song, or he has a close, homey feeling to his videos where he posts from his studio or home (as far as I can tell).

This video is more on the fun and upbeat side. It takes place at an actual thrift store in order to reflect the words of the song being sung. The entire tone of the video is light and carefree, as Tyler shops with his friends and Lindsey Stirling, who’s on the violin.

I remember finding an interview with Tyler Ward where he said that he listens for the newest songs that come out and he tries to make a music video to post online within that week.

tyler ward cover post on fb justin

That way, people are searching for that song to listen to, and they might come across various covers of it in the process.

Through means of Facebook (and most likely Twitter), YouTube artists, such as Tyler Ward and Lindsey Stirling, can post when they are going to upload a video, or that they have uploaded a music video or cover. Tyler Ward sometimes asks his followers for suggestions on what song he should cover next.

Music is put out there into the world, whether through iTunes, YouTube and other online means, or the radio/TV. Once it is out in the open, anyone can make a cover of a song and put their own spin on it. In this case, Tyler Ward and Lindsey Stirling did an acoustic cover. It sounds very different from the original which uses different sounds, electronics, and has a different voice and tone to the song (even though they are singing the same words).

Another reason I enjoy watching cover videos is because I may not have particularly liked the original music video or I might not even like the original artist or the way they sang it. This way, I might like a certain song but I dislike the original singer’s voice or production of the music, then I can find another version of the song to listen to instead.

People also might be drawn to cover videos because it (usually) shows an “everyday person” – a “regular old Joe” – that an audience can relate to. One of them. Anyway can film themselves singing and post it on YouTube. Not everyone is discovered though.

Through means of video, musicians can now meet a larger audience by sharing their cover videos.

The collaboration between Lindsey Stirling and Tyler Ward in this video is awesome! They both already had a significant amount of followers and combined, their fans begin to watch the other YouTuber’s videos and the interaction between different fan-bases come about. All because of one collab video (although they have done several more together which have even more views)! Today, these two musicians are still posting their own videos, going on talk shows and interviews, and performing around the world on tour.

It’s videos like these that helped them get there. Recording covers.

Lindsey and Tyler

If you’re trying to find a way to get your work out there, as a musician, I’d suggest that in order to get people to notice you, you start with making a cover. People are more likely to find your cover of a more well-known song than to listen to your original songs first. Sorry guys.

Now that Tyler Ward has been “found”, he’s been making his own music and going on tour, performing his own original music. Same with Lindsey Stirling.

Go check out Tyler’s and Lindsey’s channels and listen to their music! You can find them on iTunes as well.

Fun fact of the post: Tyler Ward came to do a concert at my school last year! And I was taking a Journalism class at the time. I emailed him and was able to set up an interview with him after the concert! It was so much fun. Here’s a pic:

Tyler Ward, Spring 2014
Tyler Ward, Spring 2014

Spread that creativity~

Over and out.


SIDE NOTE: I was watching videos on YouTube, as one does, and came across an advertisement that I have now learned to expect. It’s for the horror film known as the Visit that is coming to a theater near you! very soon. Let me tell you, I do not appreciate that ad at all! I’m okay with watching an ad about cars or Walmart, or whatever else, but not one for a horror movie. I absolutely hate horror and refuse to watch that genre of film ever.

So when the ad pops up at the beginning and the music instantly screeches after becoming super quiet, I curse my laptop out, smash that mute button and/or leave the room.

When I have learned to watch out for this ad during this time of year (“human, that was not amusing”)
Me, minding my own business

A bit dramatic, yeah, but the sounds of scary movies or gory movies effect me even more than the sight. Usually. (Don’t test me.) Combine them, and it’s fifty times worse.

Do you know any of the YouTube channels I mentioned?

Or do you hate those freaky-as-hell ads that scare the crap out of you before you want to watch a video?

If you know Tyler’s or Lindsey’s music, what is your favorite song or video? What is your favorite channel on YouTube? (questions, questions everywhereee!)

Don’t be a party pooper. Comment down below! 🙂

Have a lovely day ❤


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